About Me

I am a Cloud and Automation consultant based in London, UK, also ScrumMaster (CSM) and a fervent DevOps enthusiast, recipient of the Microsoft MVP award. I have extended experience in Infrastructure Operations for Financial Services, supporting critical platforms, tight security constraints and Cloud/PaaS/IaaS automation.

Although from a networking background, I went briefly through development, unix administration, Windows and third-party applications administration before spending most of my time with PowerShell, automating as many repetitive tasks as possible, to integrate very disparate technologies with business processes.

Passionate about Management, DevOps, Lean, Agile, ITIL, I’m simply addicted to learning.

Increasingly, I share my thoughts and explorations through blog posts and twitter via the handle @gaelcolas, and you can find me speaking, organising, or helping out at events such as the London PowerShell Meetup, PSConf.EU, PSConf.Asia, PSDay.UK, WinOps, and soon at the PowerShell and DevOps summit 2018

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