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I wanted write down somewhere what technical books I’ve read, or I want to read in future.

Here’s my list, please comment to suggest some more! A couple of them haven’t been released yet, but I want to grab them either when they’re released, or through MEAP.

Adding a few suggested by BenH following DSCCamp:

That’s all I have in mind at the moment, but my books are all stacked in a corner of the leaving room, waiting for the bookshelf to be built…

What do you think, anything worth adding?

The idea behind this post has been started with a pertinent note from Steve Murawski during #DSCCamp, and ensuing discussions: The preference of an Iterative process against Incremental, and why the difference is important.

As LaoZi said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“, whether it’s about knowledge, career, project, or this blog…

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